Having worked 15 years in banking and mortgage, Ken’s understands all aspects of the financial commitment and will assist you in understanding how and if the numbers make sense on your potential purchase. From your monthly out of pocket, to budgeting for a re-model, to preparing for “worst case scenario,” Ken will work with you to understand the numbers and know your risks and rewards potential.


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Investing opportunities can vary literally from block to block, across a street or over a railroad track. Ken knows these markets because he invests in these markets. Investment is not typically a “one and done” event. Once an investor gets a taste for the return and lifestyle investment properties bring, they will come back for more and Ken’s goal is to be the person they come back to each time.

Ken Day

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Personal Investment Experience: Having been an investment property owner for 2 decades, Ken understands your motivation. He also understands how it’s easy to look at a dilapidated property and think “easy flip” and how an “easy flip” then turns into an unfinished money pit. Ken will help you not only identify a property but also assist with setting realistic expectations for the property’s future and potential.


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